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SyncBroker was created for real estate brokers,
used by web agencies.

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Display properties on your site while being synchronize with Centris.

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SyncBroker 3 easy steps!


The real estate broker chooses his package and completes the data transfer authorization document requested by Centris.


The web agency installs the synchronization solution by entering the key purchased and the information of the listing broker.


Centris properties automatically sent to the broker's website 2x a day.


A scalable solution at every level

Our packages

pay-as-you go

How many simultaneous fiches?

First 7 days free

30 inscriptions simultaneous

on a website

39.99$ /per month

You are a web agency and do you have any questions?

SyncBroker enables offer your web expertise brokers real estate

39.99$ /per month

Centris is not responsible for this solution | Prices shown do not include applicable taxes.
Billing is automatic and you pay according to usage during the month.

New to real estate brokerage?

SyncBroker is offering a promotional code for new real estate brokers in order to take advantage of our free plugin for 3 months.

You must have received your certificate over the past 12 months for benefit.

3 months Free tostart your career New broker?

Agency web

Offer your web expertise to real estate brokers.

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Do I have to fill in any documents to confirm the synchronization?

Yes. Centris asks you to fill in authorization documents in order to synchronize its database with your website. Once you have registered, your documents will be sent to you by e-mail.

Cards are updated twice a day at 5am and 5pm. You can, however, activate synchronization manually.

A second monthly fee will be charged automatically. The following month, if you respect the number of cards included in your package, your invoice will be readjusted again.

Agencies using SyncBroker


SyncBroker is constantly evolving. In order to offer our solution to more brokers and agencies, our optimization and development team works daily to make platforms compatible with SyncBroker.

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