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RubberDuck compatible with SyncBroker. Residential and commercial real estate brokers can benefit from a more robust, cost-effective and faster solution with Real Estate by RubberDuck.

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RubberDuck & SyncBroker

With Real Estate by RubberDuck, you'll have the best website you've ever had, in just a few days.

Equipped with the iconic modules that have made RubberDuck famous, you can easily manage a blog yourself, post job offers or create a calendar of events for open houses, at no extra cost.

All this, combined with features specific to the real estate sector, makes RubberDuck the ideal solution for real estate brokers.

rubberduck syncbroker

Connection with your CRM

Easy connection to marketing platforms

Blog module

Publish your blog posts

Events module

Put your events on the Web with ease

Our packages


30 inscriptions simultaneous

on a website

39.99$ /per month


60 inscriptions simultaneous

on a website

69.99 $/per month


150 inscriptions simultaneous

on a website

139.99 $/per month

You are a web agency and do you have any questions?

SyncBroker enables offer your web expertise brokers real estate

39.99$ /per month

Centris is not responsible for this solution | Prices shown do not include applicable taxes.
Billing starts when we receive your data.


Do I have to fill in any documents to confirm the synchronization?

Yes. Centris asks you to fill in authorization documents in order to synchronize its database with your website. Once you have registered, your documents will be sent to you by e-mail.

When exactly are the files updated?

Cards are updated twice a day at 5am and 5pm. You can, however, activate synchronization manually.

What happens if I exceed the registration limit?

A second monthly fee will be charged automatically. The following month, if you respect the number of cards included in your package, your invoice will be readjusted again.


SyncBroker is constantly evolving. In order to offer our solution to more brokers and agencies, our optimization and development team works daily to make platforms compatible with SyncBroker.

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